"But CRA Said..."

So this is a fun one.

Well I called CRA and they said…

I know this might be a shocker, but CRA is known to be wrong. Frequently. The agents on the phone do the best they can with what they have, but when a not-so-hidden secret involves a CPA calling and re-calling CRA until whatever Agent gives the CPA the answer he/she is looking for, well…

This isn’t opinion either. Here’s the direct quote from the report:

Overall message

2.33 When agents responded to our tax questions, they gave us wrong information almost 30 percent of the time. This meant that the actual rate of agent errors was significantly higher than the Canada Revenue Agency’s own test results. One reason for the high rate of incorrect responses could be gaps in training. Another could be that agents must use too many different applications to look for answers. We also found that the Agency’s National Quality and Accuracy Learning Program did not test the accuracy of agents’ responses effectively or independently.

2.34 This finding matters because the Agency made a commitment under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights to give taxpayers accurate information. To do this, the Agency has to know what percentage of call centre agent responses are wrong, and use that information to improve both the training and information available to agents.


So that’s rather unfortunate.

CRA does the best they can with the resources they have. But those resources are limited. Which means the info you receive from them may also be limited.

Just something to remember as we go in to Tax Season 2023.