About The Team

Cameron Ware, CPA CA | cware@waretax.com

There are easily 200+ accountants and firms in Canada who can do high net worth domestic tax planning, but there are probably fewer than 10 who specialize in cross-border tax work, and I’m one of them.

Second-generation Canadian CPA with a flair for solving tax disasters. Graduate of SAIT, and proud alumnus of the last class to receive the "Chartered Accountant" designation. Ex-carpenter and cowhand, now an advocate for those under-served by the big banks and firms. See my full bio here.

Kerrie Earle, Office Manager | office@waretax.com

So this bio is easy to write: After joining the team in 2021, Kerrie just took over, and now runs the show around here. If you need anything, she is the one to talk to.

Melinda G. | Independent Contractor

Melinda has been on our crew since 2019. An independent contractor, Melinda helps with all things Canadian tax: Bookkeeping, personal tax, and corporate tax. She's our go-to Quickbooks guru.

Dawn A. | Independent Contractor

Dawn has been doing accounting work since forever. (No joke - She started with my dad's firm, and has continued ever since.) Dawn is an independent contractor, who also helps with all things Canadian tax, and has a specific skill-set best unleashed on Construction Industry files.

Brian Ware, CPA CA | Independent Contractor

The OG. I don't know if the accounting world uses the term Of Counsel, but we are going to use it here. Brian has his own US-focused practice, but occasionally pokes his head in the office to see what's shaking.