We aren't generalists. We don't specialize in everything. WareTax PC is a Canadian-based CPA firm that focuses on a few specific files, and we do them really well.

> Cross-border and international tax

Are you a Canadian who went south to the US for work? Are you an American doing a short contracting stint north of the border? An athlete stuck filing US jock taxes? We can help you.

> Solar and green energy installations

Alberta is the OG Canadian energy powerhouse. Solar, wind, and green energy development are just the latest additions to this sector. If your business is involved in this industry (Local or international), we are your go-to's for this niche area of Canadian tax.

> Withholding tax services

Are you a UK-based company needing to repatriate dividends from your Canadian subsidiary? A US-based corp with contractors working north of the 49th? A Canadian expat with a Canadian rental property? We can handle your Canadian withholding obligations and NR4 filings.

> Direct referrals

Know someone who already works with us? Give us a call, name-drop, and we can see if your file is a good fit.

Want to get to know us just a little bit better? Go check out our About Us page, where you can meet the team.

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