Gave Up Green Card. Now What?


A question popped up the other day:

I’m a Canadian citizen, living in Canada. I had a Green Card and worked in the US for a number of years, but last year gave up the Green Card. I still have US IRA’s and bank accounts, and up until last year I always filed a US return.

Now that I don’t have my Green Card, I read that I have to file as a non resident. I think I can handle this, but is there anything else that I haven’t considered that might cause some problems?


Green cards are always fun. In the year you gave up your Green Card, you get to enter the wonderful world of “Dual Status” returns for the US. You will be filing a US return that reports worldwide income up until the point in which you have up your Green Card.

Having said that, Dual Status returns can be a bit technical. I always try to encourage clients to handle as much as they can themselves, but these ones can be a bit tricky, and might be worth getting some guidance on.

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