How To File A T2 Short Return

Say Goodbye to T2 Short Return Headaches

Did you look at the T2 Short paperwork you just downloaded, and go “WTF…?” Are you frustrated at AI-written how-to’s that are poorly-written and more complex than the tax return itself? You’re not alone. I’ve been there, and that’s exactly why I wrote “How To File A T2 Short Tax Return – A Field Guide.”

The inspiration behind writing this book came from a recurring theme: the continued frustration I heard from people grappling with the CRA’s lack of clear guidance on filing a T2 Short Return. The filing process, which you’d think would be straightforward (That’s why it’s called a “Short” return…) instead feels like a labyrinth with no clear instructions. This guide is my attempt at filling the need for clear, accessible information – a tool to allow the reader to correctly self-prepare and file a basic T2 Short.

Why This Guide Is Different

Inside the Book

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If you’re struggling to file a T2 Short, this book will help you get it filed correctly.