I Don’t Want To Pay FIRTPA


I’m a Canadian, selling a house in the US, and just read about this FIRPTA thing! I don’t want to pay this! Is there any way I can avoid this?


Like usual, the answer is the classic tax go-to of “It depends”. If the following items are met, you have an out:

  • The buyer is a flesh-and-blood real living person;
  • The house is sold for under $300,000USD in proceeds;
  • The buyer will spend at least 50% of his/her time residing at the property;

There are some other exceptions, as well as some ways of structuring the transaction so that it avoids FIRPTA, but generally-speaking this will be the exception to FIRPTA withholdings that a seller can make use of. The other options involve some advanced planning, and need to be set up prior to a sale.

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