US Citizen / Canadian Resident + TFSA = Trouble


A client asked:

“I’m a dual citizen living in Canada. I have a Canadian TFSA account, and opened it before I realised that this might be a problem. Do I report this to the IRS?”


Unfortunately there are no relieving provisions in the US/Canada tax treaty that relates to the TFSA for US citizens. As such, it’s generally treated as a foreign trust, and you’ll need to file a Form 3520-A within 2 1/2 months of the “year end of the trust.” (ie. Dec 31/xx) This is one of those $10,000/yr penalties if you don’t file, so you’ll want to stay on top of these.

Additionally, you will have to do the FBAR filings, and possibly a Form 3520 to report draws/contributions to the TFSA.

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